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Metal Allergy and Body Piercing Part 2

In part one, I covered the difference between Infections and allergic reactions and some of the more basic considerations that need to be taken when choosing the right metal for your piercing. In this installment I plan to go into a little more information about the metal alloys themselves and what makes them the best choice. This all can be rather confusing on purpose.

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Closed Thursday May 21st, 2015

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DaVo will not be piercing on Thursday May 21st, 2015. If you need to be pierced that night, you can call him at 515-966-4814 and arrange an appointment. 

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Navel Piercing Beaten to Death

In this addition to my Blog series Beating Each Piercing to Death, I will be focusing on the Navel piercings. I choose to do this in September because this is the best time of the year to get the piercing. Every spring there is a huge increase in demand for Navel piercings. Mainly because people began to think and hope for summer and what better way to celebrate summer than to show off a piece of jewelry in your Navel. Whether at the beach, the pool or on a sunny day it's that prefect accent.

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Metal Allergy and Body Piercing Part 1

Every single piercing I do the I bring up the question about sensitivity and being allergic to the chosen metal. It's an important question because with piercing, the goal is to make it as easy as we can for the body to accept the jewelry. Metal allergy is often unfairly blamed as cause of a problem piercing. This is because allergic reactions are a lot like those reaction or signs of an infection or other problem.

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$10 Off Piercings

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Come into the studio between Thursday March 26th, 2015 and Thursday April 30th, 2015, mention the code word, "Joe Public" and get $10 off the piercing of your choice. Offer is only available during The Axiom's normal business hours Tuesday through Saturday 3pm to 9pm.

Fine Print:

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Punk Rock Songs Revisited

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Yes it is that time of year, where we spend time and money on those that we find in highest affection. A few years back I tried to help spread the romance by creating a collection of punk rock songs that may express that affection that you might feel and I called it Punk Rock Love Songs. Now, maybe the expression was often in a direction that most would consider positive but then again, romance is by existence a bit of a wild and twisted path. 

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2nd Piercing Free Valentines Day Special

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One Day only Saturday February 14th, 2015, celebrate Valentine's Day by coming in with that special person in your life and get their piercing of equal or lesser value for free. Must use the code word "Valens" and the piercings must be done on two different individuals. 

Don't forget the $40 piercing special on Wednesdays and Thursday good through the 26th of February. For more information on that special go to

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Body Piercing, Intoxication and Medications

Intoxication and getting a body piercing, tattoo or any other body modification procedure should never mix. It should be a given but you would be surprised just how often it comes up and how surprised a majority of people are when I state that I will not pierce anyone who is intoxicated. It has always been a part of the release form and my consultation and one of the key questions that I cover when I go though the release form verbally. It may also be why I have the conversation as often as I do.


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$40 Piercings

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$40 Piercings with basic Jewelry on Wednesdays and Thursdays Through the End of February:

January 15th through February 26th, 2015 come into the studio on Wednesdays and Thursday during normal business hours(3pm - 9pm) and say, "Sunshine" and get your choice of piercing with basic jewelry(Usually Implant Grade Steel Jewelry) for just $40.00. This offer is good for only the first piercing and any additional piercings will be at the normal second piercing price.

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