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$10 Off the Piercing of Your Choice.

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$10 Off Summer Special

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Get $10 Off the piercing of your choice when you come in to The Axiom Body Piercing Studio at the Skin Kitchen between now and Saturday July 30th, 2016. See Details below:

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Des Moines Punk Rock Takeover

The Have Nots Poster

Oh yes the Punk Rock the curse and the joy of my life. That evil mistress that first called me many bad ideas ago and still makes the hair on my neck stand on end. Though my musical taste may have branched out over the years, it's still the bench mark and maybe that was what is was always meant to be. It wasn't so much a movement as much of a standard to which everything that came after should be held to. Maybe I'm prejudicial because though Punk might not have not been my first musical love interest, it's been my longest.

Closed Friday Aptil 8th - Return of the Have Nots

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The Have Nots Poster

The Axiom Body Piercing Studio will be closed Friday April 8th, 2016. The reason is that DaVo has a couple of shows at Lefty's Live Music and will have to be there all day. The Skin Kitchen will be open normal business hours to take care of all your tattoo needs.

In case you are wondering, the shows are as follows

Michale Graves(Former Singer of the Misfits)

Switchblade Saturdays


All Ages 5-9pm

and the late show

Paul's Birthday Bash

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$10 Off Your Piercing - Winter Special

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Get $10 Off the piercing of your choice when you come in to The Axiom Body Piercing Studio at the Skin Kitchen between now and Saturday February 27th, 2016. See Details below:

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Bubba Sparxx and Closing Early

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Bubba Sparxxx at Lefty's

This Thursday Bubba Sparxxx will be playing at Lefty's Live Music and it's one of the shows I've booked there. So, I'll be closing around 6pm on Thursday December 3rd, 2015. If you are wanting to get Pierced on Thursday I would suggest being here between 3-5:30pm to insure that I have time to do the piercing.

I will be working normal hours the rest of the week and of course the Skin Kitchen will open normal hours for all your tattoo needs.

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Closed Saturday October 24th, 2015

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I Prevail

Some of you may know already that I'm now a talent buyer at Left's Live Music. From time to time there maybe some schedule conflicts that will require me to close the Axiom to be at a show. 

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Leftys Live Music October Bands

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Here's some of the bands that will be playing Lefty's during October 2015. For complete show details like date, times and tickets, go to there web site -

I plan on posting one of these a month along with my normal spotiry blogs. Those that don't know already, I'm a talent buyer at Lefty's Live Music. If you are a band or booking agent that would like to play the venue, please contact me at

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When is a Piercing Healed?

How will I know when my piercing is healed? You have been religious about your soaks/compresses, cleaning and you've become as anal as a surgeon but you are still unsure if the piercing is healed. The thing is that often the piercing may seem healed but isn't completely healed and one of the number one causes of infection and other problems is ceasing the aftercare before the piercing is healed. So in this installment, I'm going to cover what happens during healing and signs that the piercing is healed.

What happens during Healing:

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$10 Off Back to School Specail

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Summers over and everyone is back in school, to make the transition a little easier come into the Studio between now and October 31st, 2015 and get $10 off the piercing of your choice or if you are a student take advantage of $35 piercing on Wednesday and Thursdays.:

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Now a Talent Buyer at Lefty's Live Music

Lefty's Live Music Sign

I'm excited to announce that I've been hired as a Talent Buyer at Lefty's Live Music. As many of you know I have a long history of bring bands to that room that dates back to 1996. As Axiom Promotion I worked both as a independent promoter and talent buyer when it was Safari Nite Club and then Hairy Mary's. It has been a joy to see Erik and Anne bring live music back to the venue at 2307 University Ave here in Des Moines and I'm greatly looking forward to working with both of them and their staff.

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