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$35 Piercing on Wednesdays

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Closed July 3rd & 4th

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The Weirdos

The Axiom Body Piercing Studio will be closed Friday July 3rd because DaVo is going to Omaha to see one of his all time favorite bands, The Weirdos. Skin Kitchen Tattoo will be open normal hours 12pm to 10pm to take care of all your Tattooing needs.

Both the Axiom and Skin Kitchen will be close in remembrance of the birth of our nation on Saturday July 4th.

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$35 Piercings On Wednesdays till July 29th

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Starting Wednesday July 24th, 2015 until July 29th, 2015, come into the the studio on any Wednesday and use the code word "Googoo muck" and get the piercing of your choice with basic jewelry for $35. 


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My Sister's Health, U.S. Bombs!, & General Updates

Debbie, DaVo, Conner and Quinn at Disney World in 2008

Instead of doing a long esay like blog this time around I decided to write an update on what is going on in my life and what is currently holding my interest.

Pants Off Podcast

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DaVo is on the latest episode of Pants Off Podcast. It's free on Sound Cloud and you can download it on iTunes. We had a nice chat about the history of Des Moines Music and the future of the local music scene.

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Rook Piercing Beaten to Death

Rook Piercing

In this the Tenth installment of my piercing blog series 'Each Piercing Beaten to Death' I will be covering Rook or Roak Piercing in depth. The Rook is not that common but if done correctly it can really accent the shape and beauty of the ear without being over powering. Located on upper end of the antihelix which is the inner ridge that runs in parallel with the helix  of the ear.

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Midwest Monsters

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Maybe we are just born with that chip on our shoulder or is it something that grows with the passing time. Rocks and gravel that is easily flown over and well off the beaten path of the hippest rats on the sinking ship that make up the left and right arm pits of America. Yes, we were monsters, oddities, freaks that came from the most surprising places. Some of them planted the flag and throw down the gantlet, while others begged, borrowed and sold to enter a forced march to the coast were they shaped their adopted home in ways the locals were unable. These were the Midwest Monsters.

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Metal Allergy and Body Piercing Part 2

In part one, I covered the difference between Infections and allergic reactions and some of the more basic considerations that need to be taken when choosing the right metal for your piercing. In this installment I plan to go into a little more information about the metal alloys themselves and what makes them the best choice. This all can be rather confusing on purpose.

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Closed Thursday May 21st, 2015

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DaVo will not be piercing on Thursday May 21st, 2015. If you need to be pierced that night, you can call him at 515-966-4814 and arrange an appointment. 

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Navel Piercing Beaten to Death

In this addition to my Blog series Beating Each Piercing to Death, I will be focusing on the Navel piercings. I choose to do this in September because this is the best time of the year to get the piercing. Every spring there is a huge increase in demand for Navel piercings. Mainly because people began to think and hope for summer and what better way to celebrate summer than to show off a piece of jewelry in your Navel. Whether at the beach, the pool or on a sunny day it's that prefect accent.

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Metal Allergy and Body Piercing Part 1

Every single piercing I do the I bring up the question about sensitivity and being allergic to the chosen metal. It's an important question because with piercing, the goal is to make it as easy as we can for the body to accept the jewelry. Metal allergy is often unfairly blamed as cause of a problem piercing. This is because allergic reactions are a lot like those reaction or signs of an infection or other problem.

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